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Iglesia de San Roque


In dreams begin responsibility.  ~Yeats

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Yesterday´s Temazcal was fantastic.  Essentially, it was a three-hour cleansing experience where 8 of us sat in a sweat lodge (apx 8 ft diameter, but it was hard to tell) with leaves of eucalyptus and a bunch of other stuff, went through a purification ritual lead by a shaman, drank some interesting tea, rubbed salt and aloe plants on ourselves, and sweat more than I can ever remember sweating.  I felt  so.  good.  afterwards!  Kind of like a good teeth cleaning at the dentist, but this was a thorough emotional, spiritual and lung cleaner. 

 The nice thing about this temazcal is that there was story telling throughout… a lot about Mother Earth (the heated rocks in the center were called abuelas, or grandmothers, and how they impart their wisdom and healing properties to us), the elements, our bodies and interconnectedness with the earth, and the responsibility of conscious breathing.  One of the meditations we were led through was to invision ourselves in our mother´s womb, to see and feel ourselves there.  This was the only time I got claustrophobic and began having trouble with the heat.  Other folks were claustrophobic and had heat-trouble almost the entire time.

 The most memorable part of this experience was the purification ritual.  At this point, each one of us went before the shaman as he chanted over us while passing burning sage around us.  At one point, he held our hands and hummed.  It was if he was tuning us, finding our frequency. When he found mine, his humming passed through my entire body like a wavelength, energizing every cell.  And during this time, when he was working on me, I felt as though everyone in the room was talking, which was unusual because we were all quiet and respectful as each one of us went before the shaman.  But there were voices, one of them explaining to me what was going on.  When I told this to Fernando afterwards, he told me that nobody had been talking when I was in front of the shaman.  My personal belief is that there were spirits in that place as well.  Good thing they didn’t take up any room!

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Hopelessly Devoted to You


Guanajuato, town of dogs and birds and folks blasting Olivia Newton John first thing in the morning.

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Are you my mother?


I have no idea what kind of bird this is.  She was alone and very heronesque.

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Samurai massage

It`s one of those days, whe everything keeps getting better and better.  Last night, F and I danced so much, our clothes were wet with sweat.  We`ve started practicing at Las Damas and bringing our own practice cd.  It`s dead on Weds nights, so that gives us the entire floor.  We stay until midnight, which makes for very good sleep.

Then this morning, as I was looking for a dry bench to sit and eat my mango, a nice man invited me to sit at his dry table with him. So I did. He teaches photography here in GTO. While we were talking about photography, his friend Mundo joined us. Mundo gives walking tours out in the country, about an hour walk from the perimeter of the city. These happen on Sundays at noon and if I am not sleeping off a night of dancing, I think we`ll go.

But the highlight of this day was my massage. OMG… Bollywood gave me the best massage of my life! It felt more like a ceremony than a massage. At first she played this ocean music and applied long, deep, effluerage strokes. Once I was a complete putty-bag, she switched over to African drums and did pressure point work. She worked on my stomach as well which is so often ignored. Her massage seriously elevated my consciousness. Afterwards, I felt so clean and charged, like a Samurai warrior.

This woman is a master. I want to study from her. I am so humbled by the ever-persistent reminders of what a beginner I am. Anyway, she had to leave so I couldn´t talk to her afterwards, but I am going to see if she would accept a paying apprentice.

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Cruz de San Roque II


This morning, on my way to massage, there was a man sitting on the curb with his guitar.  I noticed he wasn´t wearing socks with his tennis shoes.   His guitar was woefully out of tune, his voice was horrible, and his accent was so bad, I could hardly make out the words as he bayed “One warm afternoon in San Francisco I killed Senator ?¨ (I couldn´t make out the name of the Senator and I am unfamiliar with this song).  But like a nose that is too big, eyes that are too close together, and a face that is too long, the parts all fit together and it worked. 

There are so many times I wish I had a recorder to capture the sounds here.  This place is rich with smiling noise.

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Bollywood massage

This morning, I had an appointment at a ¨massage center¨to work on the owner.  We´re trading massage and she wanted to see my style.  If I understand correctly, this center takes calls from hotels in the area and sends out on-call ¨therapists¨to the hotels when there is a request for massage.  There are also tables on site for walk-ins.

I love this place. The energy is great and the owner is awesome.  However, the music was a bit strange for massage, an adrenalin pumping mexi-indian mix.  It actually sounded like we were in the soundtrack of a Bollywood movie.  But hey, I am up for new experiences.

The massage went well and I receive my trade tomorrow.  I can´t wait.  This woman is powerful and has incredible energy.  After the massage, she invited me to accompany her husband and her to an indigenous steam bath a few miles out of GTO.   They do purification rituals there with small groups of people.  There is a sweat lodge and a river.  I am to bring the skimpiest bathing suit I have (that one is at home!) and a couple of towels.  They do meditation, sweating, swimming in a very cold stream, wraps of aloe and fruit.  It is an area surrounded by rich vegetation.  She tells me you go away feeling absolutely revived.  

I plan on going Friday (after Madre Lourdes´s massage) or on Saturday if Fernando can leave work early to come with.

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