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Greetings from F


Que grandiosos días he pasado al lado de Juanita, recorriendo en su compañia los diferentes lugares de nuestro Guanajuato, pero ahora estoy ansioso por acompañarle a la ciudad de Veracruz para que pueda ver la alegria espontanea que llevan en la sangre la gente jarocha especialmente cuando estan bailando.

Solamente espero no toparnos con un alacran veracruzano porque ellos son quizas como el de una rata flaca y veloz, su aspecto de verdad aterra. Se que Juanita casi se desmaya del miedo cuando ve alguna alimaña de este tipo, entonces Guajiros, yo espero que no salga a recibirnos cálidamente algun amigo de estos.

Once again, in Enlish… 

What great days I have passed by Juanita’s side, exploring in her company the different places of our Guanajuato, and now I am anxious to accompany her to the city of Veracruz so that she can see the spontaneous happiness the Jarocha people carry in their blood especially when they are dancing.

I only hope that we don’t get bitten by a Veracruzian (?) scorpion because they are almost like a skinny, fast rats – their appearance really horrifies. I know that Juanita almost loses consciousness from fear when she sees a noxious animal of this type, so buddies, I hope that we don’t receive a warm welcome from one of these “friends”.


Last night, a pigeon pooped squarly on my head.  It was just after composing this entry.  I took it as a good sign: no scorpion friends in Veracruz.

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Before leaving for San Miguel, I watched the documentary ¡Ya Basta!  This film told about the increasing abductions and dangers that many of the more affluent Mexicans feel.  In a climate of poverty and limited options, kidnapping has proved to be quite lucrative.  The situation has become so bad, that the goverment is starting to address it.  Sadly, many of the police officials are also involved in kidnapping and extortion so it is hard to trust anyone.  What I found most interesting is the complete lack of investigation when a crime occurs, any crime, from a random robbery to murder.   For example, Fernando`s brother just had his motorcycle stolen three weeks ago.  Even though he knew who did it and where they lived, the police did nothing. 


San Miguel de Allende was nice.  After a late night dancing, we followed the next day by strolling around town and going to a bunch of art galleries.  I really liked this guy and wish I could buy another piece of art.  But once piece a trip is probably a good idea. 

One thing I noticed in San Miguel this time around was that it seemed that there was a house (very nice house) for sale on every block.  The complexion of SM has been changing for some time now, with all the extranjeros (foreigners) moving in and jacking up the cost of living, expecially housing, creating a socio-economic great divide and resentment, especially since they refuse to learn the language or fit in the established culture but are very quick to hire cheap help for keeping their homes clean and their lawns maintained.  I wasn`t sure if Mexican families were moving out, or foreign retirees were dying off.  Maybe a mixture of both. 

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Scorpio huh?


Watched a little Anger in the tunnels of GTO last night.  That Scorpio Rising is some weird shit.

We are leaving for San Miguel de Allende in a few hours and should be back Sunday night. 

 I hope everyone back home is having a nice weekend.

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Off all the film catagories (Experimental, International, Mexico, U.S.A., Documentary, Horror, and others),  Animation is easily my favorite.  The shorts are fabulously creative.  Marly, these make me think of you and how much I wish you were here.  I know you would be inspired as there is so much unintentional beauty in these pieces.  Keelin, some of these pieces are admirable, first attempts by graphic design and film students.

I am taking a break from the festival at the moment.  In fact, I am missing Tim Burton speak to the masses.  Oh well.

I would like to paint a wall like the orange one in Niebla by Emilio Ramons.  This is a story about an unhappy town that had its spirits lifted when sheep started falling from the sky.  The link doesn´t work on this computer, but I am hoping that it will at home because I don´t want to forget that orange wall.

I didn´t make Anger in the tunnels last night.  I was just too sleepy and a storm was coming.  However, there will be more tunnel madness tonight and we´re hoping to go at midnight after an hour of dancing.  If the tunnel movies don´t keep us, there is always Guillermo Del Toro´s top four influential horror movies playing at the mummy museum nearby.

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Day 2 at the movies


The film festival is wonderful.  The venues are all over town, so I mark the selections I want to see and walk from venue to venue.  Everything is free and (strangely) subtitled in English.  Keelin, if you´re reading, my favorite pick from yesterday was The Bitch.  I thought fondly of you. 

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Morning Films


Three documentaries, all very different, all excellent. 

I have to say, the next four days are a dream.  Film shorts all over town, including Kenneth Anger in the tunnels at midnight!

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Dr. Lakra

If anyone can find contact information or a physical address for Dr. Lakra, I will buy you a beer when I get back. 

I know he´s based out of Oaxaca.

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