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House for haunt

19th & Lawrence.

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River carts

Alton Baker Park, near the duck pond.

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Making faces

Marly outside of Morning Glory restaurant near the Amtrak station.

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Shovel appreciation

Shovel at rest. Late afternoon, 16th & Lincoln.

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As Daniel’s bipolar pendulum swings wildly to Angry, he is filled with uncontrollable rage and threatens to drop Izzie off the edge of the world if his running socks are not returned IMMEDIATELY.

Having grown used to his rages, the other dinosaurs decide to wait this one out.  Besides, their lives are too busy to find the socks–which would mean cleaning their rooms–and get enough sleep + work out at the gym + talk to their significant others for four hours on the phone every night.

Meanwhile, the beast lurks for Izzie.

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September 24

Mala's backyard candles

Happy Birthday, mi cielo. My wish for you is the same wish I have for myself this year, “patience with life.” Te amo, tanto.

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Dahlia lived in a world constructed from her own imagination. This made washing bowls all day long effortless as long ago she had learned to switch her consciousness from mundane to fan·tas·ti·cal.

Faucetgirl. 17th & Mill.


In other news: three massage classes left to go.  This term, I am taking Pathology I as an independent study from the new massage therapist for the UO Track team!  I am really looking forward to learning from him.

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