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Neath South Eugene High School

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Signs of Spring

24th & Charnelton

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Add water

Bette woke up one morning and asked herself, “What am I doing here? I’m a boat, not a lawn mower.”

Boat on a dry street in South Eugene.

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There was a time when Miles estimated runners by their athletic superiority. He admired speed, form, and fitness. He felt repugnance towards the unfit and the slow as if their condition somehow aligned with their morality.

Over the years which spanned across decades of winters and summers and all the days in between, Miles’ thinking evolved. He no longer judged runners by their performance or their appearance as he came to realize they were all on their own path, running their own workout. They weren’t good. They weren’t bad. They just were.

Distance marker at Amazon, Eugene.

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My neighbor


LynneLynneYesterday, I found my neighbor, Lynne, sitting outside and studying for the Oregon Bar. She’s taking it at the end of the month. Since the lighting was spectacular and Lynne had such rich colors around her, I asked if I could take some pictures.

4 things about Lynne:

  1. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
  2. She is in love and it is very sweet.
  3. Her cats adore her and wait outside for her to come home everyday.
  4. Thankfully, she has good taste in music!


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