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Lincoln St.

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Annie & Seth bought my 1-way ticket to Mexico yesterday. I’ll be leaving Eugene at 5:40am on July 30th, arriving in Cancun sometime after 3:00pm if there are no delays in Phoenix, my 50 minute stop-over. July and August are hurricane season in the Yucatan, so a delay is quite possible.

Thank you, Annie & Seth, for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

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On Target

Things are moving right along. Yesterday, I mailed in my application package to take the National Certification exam for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and finally finished burning all my CDs. Today, I put my car up for sale and Keelin & I bought her plane ticket to Madrid. She leaves July 23rd. Wow. Whiskey wow wow.

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I spoke with Marly this morning. She won’t be taking any of the furniture to Vermont. She and Denton want to start fresh, with their own things. Plus the cost of hauling the furniture is a bit prohibitive for them now.

As we were talking, I couldn’t help but get a sinking feeling at the thought of selling all our big pieces. I remember when the three of us sat on our sofa for the first time and what a big deal it was to take it home and finally have a decent couch! Or when we bought our kitchen table. The girls grew up sitting at plastic Preschool table with two chubby chairs. This is where I did all my homework when I attended school. So buying furniture signified success. A break from the past. We had made the Big Time and finally entered our Era of Comfort.

I recognize I’m changing my idea of success. Even though the kitchen table, the couch, the bedroom, all have sentimental value to me, they’re still just things. And I do believe you should never have more than you can walk away from. Yet there exists a disconnect between what I believe and what I’m feeling. It’s hard to let go of (what you believe signifies) comfort and the lifestyle you’ve worked up to, even if you know that is what you must do.

The conversation with Marly was difficult. I understand her. I understand also that I’m learning to lessen my attachment to everything, including the things that once represented success. I believe this process of letting go is essential. Like a snake shedding its skin, selling my furniture is part of the action of shedding my old self and preparing for the next, glorious stage.

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For Sale

I’ve started to add things to my FOR SALE website and listing on Craigslist again. With Keelin going to Madrid and Marly not wanting to rent a large U-Haul, I’m going to start selling the bigger pieces too. If you know anyone in need of furniture, let them know about me.

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Seat facing the Aaron J. Michaelson Wing.


Update: Keelin had her interview this morning with the International House in Madrid. If all goes as planned, she’ll be attending the CELTA course in August. I’m excited for her!

I also had my interview at the IH school in Playa del Carmen a couple of weeks ago. It went well and the school sent me an acceptance package. However, the process of setting up the interview was complicated and things never went smoothly. I began having second thoughts about the school and then gave serious consideration to teaching English at all.

The situation allowed me to evaluate what it is I want to be doing in Mexico. I’ve decided what I really want to pursue is bodywork. I’m going to focus on finding work and gaining experience in massage therapy, not embarking in yet another new avenue (teaching English), but honing my skills in the area I’ve been studying for the past four years. This feels right to me and I’m thankful that the interview process was difficult and bungled, allowing me to stop and consider this upcoming time in Mexico.

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Aaron J. Michaelson Wing

The Neighbors

Aaron J. Michaelson supplies artist Jacob with painting supplies and his car. Hence, young Jacob has dedicated this wing, located on his front lawn, to AJM. The wing will hold future installments of local art. The artists are all friends of the aforementioned Jacob.

I’m fortunate to live just down the street from the Aaron J. Michaelson Wing. There’s always something exciting and creative going on.

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