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Last night, I recorded many of the runs that I’ve enjoyed the past 11 years in Eugene. I made a little book for Liz and Bethany so they don’t have to think at 5:30 in the morning. As I was writing down the runs, it finally hit that I’m leaving and that I’ll really miss this place and the amazing friendships I’ve made here. I remembered the runs, the conversations on those runs, and the places we’ve been along our lives. It’s been good, and rewarding, and I want to keep it. But you can’t incapsulate a time and place and live in it forever. Things change… they begin, they grow, they leave, and then a new cycle begins again. I’m at the end of a wonderful cycle where I’ve been so lucky with friends and daughters. Now I embrace a new cycle, full of hope and no expectations.

This time tomorrow, I’ll be in the air. Destination: Mexico. A new beginning.

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Siempre estás conmigo
Te llevo en mi corazón

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F l o w

Surrender is the handmaiden of grace.

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Invested in Ego

Poor Patrick Sabot. Even though his life was relatively uncomplicated, Patrick created plenty of drama through incessant worrying and needless guilt. A day did not pass where he couldn’t find justification to feel sorry for himself. His unquiet mind was a hotbed for histrionics.

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Frank and his friends never changed.

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Gut sense

Chloe wasn’t sure how to proceed, or even if she should proceed. She didn’t know what lay ahead. The future was an indeterminate fog and she couldn’t see a thing except the small step in front of her. So she advanced forward into that space believing that by the time she got to wherever it was she was going, she would discover more space to step into. It was more about trust than about a plan.


Yesterday, Amanda introduced me to Pandora. Am I the last person who knows about this? I couldn’t tear myself away last night. I’m going to recommend it to Caroline :-).

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Wide and shuffled

Caroline desired more spontaneity in her life. She set her iPod to shuffle and began greeting random shoppers by widening her eyes at them.

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