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Take II

The Santa Julia website wasn’t displaying properly across platforms. For one, the headers weren’t showing on PCs. So, here’s Take II.

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The Santa Julia website, a work in progress.

I’m working with a 2004 version of Dreamweaver. It’s archaic, at least for Macs. I finally figured out how to upload html files (my software was buggy and needed a restart), but it won’t upload images. After spending three hours reading help files and user forums, I gave up on figuring out how to do it on my current software and tried downloading a trial version of the latest edition of Dreamweaver. But apparently, Dreamweaver is not allowing trials at the moment. So I figured I would upload the image files using a FTP client for Macs, and I found one. The trial is good for 15 days and then you gotta buy. My goal is to wrap this site up within that time and not do another website for a long, long time.

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Pilobolus Dance Theatre

On my calendar: Pilobolus Dance Theatre at the International Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, October 8-26: Two weeks of non-stop music, dance, theater, and film in one of the most picturesque cities in Mexico!

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Terrace series :: 04

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Cover letter

I spent all of yesterday morning–save a trip to Bellas Artes to see an exhibition on the abducted women of Juarez, hundreds every year, that the police has done nothing about–working on my cover letter to Last.fm for Lead Copywriter. After culling from 11 yrs of academic librarian experience, I realized there’s a lot that extends beyond Library Land: usability studies, designing web spaces, creating web content which is much different from print content, translating esoteric library lingo into friendly accessible user-language, sussing out research needs + emotional state in the first ten seconds of an interaction, offering online customer service, designing help aids such as maps, brochures, handouts, web guides… it all easily transfers.

Then I began searching for jobs you can do from home. Apparently, this is getting to be a big trend. Which brings up an entirely new frontier for job seekers: what space do we want to work in? After showing up to a space for school or work for over two decades, I think I would enjoy scheduling work time at home. Possibly next to a fountain in a courtyard. Maybe even with my birthday boy working from his laptop too on the other side of the fountain! There is a lot of freedom in this option. It will also expedite the FM3 process considerably as I don’t have to apply for a work permit.

The online job search begins! Which reminds me: if I haven’t already mentioned to you that I’m offering tarot readings, I am. Email me if you’re interested.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest man I know. Te amo, mi cielo.

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Terrace series :: 02

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