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Nick overcompensates for his womanly neck by greeting folks with a finger and a scowl.

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Day of the Dead

The Toones hosted an excellent Halloween party for the Santa Julia girls tonight. It was a lot of fun. When they arrived, we dressed them up as princesses with make-up and tiaras. There were nearly 40 girls and lots of glitter, fabric and smiles. Next, they went to play games, then bob for apples, then get their fortune read (they were all happy to hear a boyfriend is in their near future), then dinner, then dancing, then piñata, then trick or treating! They were so happy. I was too. We all were. It’s really wonderful being around them. They give their love so easily. Reassurance, appreciation, understanding, is all they want back.

In other news, I’m looking forward to celebrating Day of the Dead this year. After visiting the cemetery tomorrow, I’m going to buy a sugar skull, a Catrina, and a sugar sheep and create an alter to remember loved ones who have died. I like the idea of taking a day to do this and that everyone participates. I also love the intricate sugar sculptures being sold all over town. They’re incredible.

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Besos a $1.00

Step right up, everyone’s a winner, bargains galore.  You can be the proud owner of a kiss, a song, a dance, or juggling!

Three enterprising guys at Cervantino.  The one of the left reminds me of a someone. A celebrity someone; but I can’t place him.  Maybe it’s the hair color that’s throwing me off?

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Golden Age

Guanajuato was absolutely fabulous. F and I had a great time at Cervantino despite the crush of exuberant and partially drunk young people on the streets which turned into completely inebriated Young & Dumb madness after midnight.

I was happy to find the madres in good spirits! They’re going through a sort of Golden Age at the orphanage right now and it shows in their faces. Some of the adolescent trouble makers of yesteryear turned 18 and moved out. Other girls who were going through a petulant stage grew out of it and are helping out more with the younger girls. The new girls that have joined are very sweet and easy to care for. Even more incredible are two American girls taking Spanish at one of the language institutes. They’re volunteering three hours, M-F, for 6 months! Their impact on the girls has been wonderful as they give the girls a much needed physical outlet during the afternoons and a break for the madres. Another godsend is the young social worker who began as a volunteer. She does everything from dirty laundry to home visits. Madre Lourdes hasn’t been able to pay her for four months but she keeps diligently showing up to work, putting her heart forward and creating a healthy and loving space for the girls.

Current headaches consist of two lesbian girls, 16 and 19 yrs, who the madres feel will corrupt some of the youngers ones and a new girl, 8 yrs, with a traumatic past who has not adjusted to the change of the convent. I’m sure Madre Lourdes will figure out both situations.

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More mattresses

Fernando and I will be visiting Madre Lourdes and Guanajuato on Saturday. I have $700 USD to give her towards mattresses and pillows for the girls. That’s 7 mattresses down and 16 to go by Christmas. I can’t wait to see the look on her face. Also, I’m fortunate to be meeting some wonderful and generous people in the process of developing a Good Night Sleep fund for the orphans in Guanajuato.

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Dog day María

María de Lourdes Núñez Santillan was about two seconds from losing it. She wished it were her Saint’s birthday so she could bite the hand that fed her and get away with it. She held back by fantasizing about getting a mohawk and dying her hair magenta. Meanwhile, she kept an eye on Ceci who definitely was losing it.

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Hi, how are you?

This dog was deliberately not trying at last weekend’s dog show. I call this particular look perfected by him The Daniel Johnston.

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