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Dress For Sale

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Hold Back the Rain


If the rain doesn’t come, F and I are hoping to visit Buen Pastor this afternoon and then head over to Leon, “the shoe capital of the world”, on Sunday. I hoping to find a replacement for the shoes that Guera ate.

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Sourpuss in Boots

Uber photogenicThe good news is that my camera is working again. The bad news is that it wasn’t working the day before yesterday when F and I witnessed a fabulous photo shoot taking place between the Parroquia and the jardin. In front of two magnificent horses, there was an ornately dressed cowboy jumping through circles he made with his rope. Next to him was a gorgeous model, impossibly tall with fantastic shoes, taking pictures of him. It was around 7:00 PM and the setting sun cast a golden hue on the scene and back lit the sensual lines of the horses and the model’s frizzed out hairdo. How I wished for a working camera at that moment.

San Miguel is a photographer’s paradise. The town is drenched in color and warmth. The colonial architecture creates a nice background for anything and everything. Chico’s shot their Spring 2009 catalog here. Volkswagen recently filmed a commercial. The town is a wedding photographer’s dream.

F and I headed out around 6:30 PM yesterday.  As we opened our doors, we saw the same model and her crew. This time, she posed outside El Gato Negro, a perpetually festive bar directly across the street from us. I think a better place would have been the bar on Barranka. The swinging doors are a vintage green that would have contrasted nicely with her dress. The lighting would have cast long early-evening lines, softer than the heavy contrasts at El Gato Negro.  This time, the model posed with an animated guy who was drinking beer. She, however, didn’t look so happy. I never saw her smile once. I’m thinking she wasn’t supposed to. Maybe all the fun happens after the sun sets. Maybe her beer drinking partner was having enough fun for the both of them. But my, she certainly was stunning. So were her boots.

Ho hum, heigh ho.

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Abuelita on canes

Yesterday, as I was turning a corner, I saw an old woman lying on the ground. She had fallen down and was struggling to get back up with the support of her two canes. I went to help her and after she was on her feet, I tried to straighten her to an upright position, attributing her hunched over position to a sense of imbalance. But that’s all she was going to move. She thanked me before I could do any harm by unintentionally readjusting her. As I walked down the hill, I turned back once more to make sure she was still on her feet. From a ways away, she looked like a question mark on canes.

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Moon over Mesones

Mesones, home sweet home.

My camera is on the blink. It’s the dreaded black screen again (not a battery problem). I’m not sure I can fix it. Maybe it will fix itself? I have a few leftover pix I’ll be posting in the meantime.

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On Suffering


Suffering is an integral part of Mexican culture. It’s prominently featured in telenovelas where the characters supplicate to the Virgincita in every episode to give them courage as they endure their plight.  In turn, the Virgincita offers compassion for the longsuffering and intercession on their behalf but with the understanding that to live is to suffer and one must accept their human position and the hardship this entails.

I witnessed suffering over the weekend on the blood stained collar of an intoxicated cabarello. I saw it again yesterday, as I passed an older lady standing outside a decadent home, her face in her hands, looking exhausted, worn, and weary, possibly waiting for someone to walk her home. Every day, I see the lines of desperation on the beggers that hem the streets. I’ve gotten to know the suffering of the women I’ve worked with at the shelter, and realize that for them, the way out is a lot further and obscure than for someone with an education and the opportunity it affords.

As I watched the embedded video above, tears fell off my chin. Fernando watched it with me, but wasn’t moved as I was. When it finished, he told me that you don’t have to go far to see this kind of hunger. It’s right here with us. I’m starting to learn that suffering is relative, and that if you suffer from a broken heart, you must have enough resources to keep your belly and the bellies of your children full.

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Hi, Rocket Man

I miss the earth so much i miss my wife.

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