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Picture Books

Crack open a book and you open a window to another world.

The book fair is in town! One of the vendors is selling quality hardcover picture books in Spanish. The best I’ve seen thus far. Picking over the books last night, I became as excited as I know the girls will be when they crack them open. The books are filled with fun and imaginative art. I hope to encourage the girls interested in art to try new styles in their drawing.

If you would like to add to our fledgling and treasured picture book library, it’s easy. PayPal me $20. I’ve worked out an incredible deal with the vendor: 5 books for $20. The fair ends next Monday.

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buffa flower

The girls at Buen Pastor are just like any other girls. They have hopes, dreams, humor, and beauty. But unlike most of the girls I grew up with or surrounded me as an adult, their potential remains untapped. Many grow up in an environment where nobody sees them.

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A perfect day

Yesterday, F and I explored the bluffs and buttes jutting over Guanajuato’s panoramica. We could see all of Guanajuato from the buffa. We outlined our favorite walks and pointed out places we have yet to explore. We watched the progression of a thunderstorm miles away and stopped from time to time to trace where we had hiked the hour before. There was no trash. There were a few rock climbers, and a number of grazing cows and horses. Walking in the sun and the wind, I found my favorite place in Guanajuato. I look forward to returning next Sunday.

Gorgeous, green Guanajuato

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Pastita, a neighborhood I would like to live in.

There have been a lot of firsts this week. I feel honored that I’ve been included in family discussions and have met some of the girls’ families. I hope to continue doing more of this as to help the girls, you have to start at home. Mothers hold the key. Their daughters will repeat the same story for generations. To break that cycle, you have to sit and learn the stories from the mother if they’re willing to share them. Only then do you have a strong starting point.

One of the shelter women let me work on her today. Another first. She suffers from severe headaches and neck pain but hasn’t accepted any form of bodywork until now. This young woman was severely abused by family members and neighbors since childhood. Her brothers, uncles, and father raped her from childhood. Her mother sold her to anyone who would pay. So you can imagine, she has issues with touch.

When Madre Catalina told me that she was willing to have me touch her neck and shoulders as long as Madre Cata was in the room and she was fully clothed, I thanked my fairy godmother. This first session was only 12 minutes long and she shook the entire time. I barely touched her and she would wince and pull away as if I were hurting her. I talked her through it and asked for permission when moving my hands. In the end, I practiced what I have been reading on Reiki so as not to touch her at all and interact with her energy field.

I hope she is willing to try again. This woman would so benefit in learning how to accept compassionate touch and develop appropriate trust. And I would so benefit from taking Laura Magpali’s reiki class this October in Eugene!

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Presa lion

Presa lion at the government buildings

There are a row of these lions perched on the entry walls of the government offices near the dam. I love the architectural details of the buildings in that part of town.

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Portero street

Portero street offers a swatch of the bold and playful color palette seen throughout Guanajuato. The colors of this City uplift the spirit in the same way sunshine does.

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