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Happy Halloween!

Two ghosts

Ghoulified by Picnik.

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In Favorites

Click on the image to go to Edward Norton's profile.

A few of my favorite things are all together in once place: Edward Norton, conservation, running, Maasia Warrior runners, NY Marathon, training, excellent web design, and inspirational fundraising.   This website is phenomenal. It includes great overview of the project, videos throughout, photos, running for a cause, easy to track pledges, and Edward Norton.  Good luck to the Maasai Marathon team this Sunday!

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Mariachi Imperial

Click on the image to go to a 63 second video

Last night, Plaza del Baratillo thundered with the booming sound of 16-member mariachi band, Mariachi Imperial de Nochistlán. It felt like a tsunami of sound, reverberating off the colorful walls of the square. “Mariachi, la musica mas bella del mundo”, announced the lead singer as he plunged into a love song that brought cheers from the crowd.  I don’t know about the most beautiful, but I do think it’s the most joyful. Everyone clapped and sang along. There were a few dancers and drinkers too.

A sea of heads outside of the Jardin UnionThe streets are packed. In every square, you’ll find a band performing or theatrics. There are clowns, mimes, and silver men dotting the street in front of the Basilica like buttons. Folks are wearing glow in the dark stars on their heads. Groups of adolescents walk hand in hand singing. When I was walking back from Sara’s the other night, there was a ferris wheel with acrobats performing as it turned and fireworks broke out above them. They were accompanied by a band on wheels playing space music. It was sprinkling. I experienced a Fellini moment.

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2 Sets of Sisters

Gabby is only 6 years old, but kind and wise beyond her years.

Click on little Alejandra for a bigger AlejandraBuen Pastor welcomes four new girls! The two-pairs of sisters, Citlali & Pearlita and Gabby & Alejandra, arrived last Thursday. At 3 years old, Alejandra is the youngest (and sweetest) and everyone loves to baby her. Alejandra and Gabby are from Chiapas. Their mother went through the rehabilitation process at Buen Pastor’s shelter awhile back. Since then, she’s relocated to GTO and found work and housing. However, since she’s working most of the time, there’s nobody to stay with her daughters. So now they’re at Buen Pastor. All the new girls are wonderful. But Madre Berta certainly has her hands full!

In other news, after spending a sweet afternoon together, Sara and I went to Cirque Eloize last night. The show was mesmerizing and we sat spellbound for two hours. The fantastical Nebbia mixed elements of ballet, opera, circus, vaudeville, employing gorgeous silhouttes at one moment, smoke and dreams in the other. Every moment fringed with beautifully balanced chaos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much talent on one stage. Sharing this with Sara made it all the more special.

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Guanajuato collage

As I stairway up to Pipila, I take a moment to listen to the heartbeat of Guanajuato. The entire City pulses and vibrates. The colors breathe. Each neighborhood feels like its own, discrete system. The roads, like veins and arteries, bring traffic to the heart of the City and then back out again. Its energy flows through me.

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Hey Alma

Walking down Cristo

Tell her how you feel with paint.

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Home Sweet Home

Kitchen on the left; workspace on the right.

Last night as we were going to sleep, F and I gave thanks for what we are incredibly grateful for:

  • Our new mattress. No more feeling rod springs as we sleep and getting up with achy backs in the mornings.
  • Our new washer. No more paying to get a load cleaned or washing by hand!
  • My new job: I love my bosses and my work. I’m so grateful for the security that the salary brings.
  • Guanajuato: living in a place we love
  • My new desk: we bought varnish last night to pretty her up.
  • The fridge: we have one!
  • An extra mini-room to turn into a massage space
  • The view from our place
  • Plenty of closet space
  • Each other

BedroomIt’s not easy starting from scratch when you’ve already built a life and a home. But if you’re not happy, it’s worth it. When I disassembled my life in the States and left for Mexico in July 2008, I honestly didn’t know if I could stay or how things would work out. But I’m so glad that I waited it out and followed my inner compass that told me to stay.Living room, with a framed Good Shepherd that Madre Lourdes gave me in the corner

These days, I’m absolutely thrilled to be working and have a job that I enjoy. A foundation is forming, allowing me to start rebuilding a home in a City that enchants me, in a community that has embraced me, and with the person I love.  Here’s to going for it!

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