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Día Del Niño

Today Mexico celebrates “Día Del Niño”. On Children’s Day, schools are closed and there are many celebrations focused on kids which means parties, piñatas and lots of candy.

In other news… Pearlita (middle) is experiencing 4 year old angst as her best friend forever (Allie, on the left) has made another good friend in the new 4 year old arrival at Buen Pastor. Poor Pearlita is riddled with jealousy as time and time again, Allie chooses to play with “Negrita”.  Not knowing how to handle her emotions, she stands erectly and howls in the direction of the two playmates, enormous crocodile tears dripping from her chin.  I hope relief comes soon.

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Mules of Monte

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5 de Mayo Fundraiser

On 5 de Mayo, Katie, Beca, and I invite you to participate in a collective fundraising effort across state and national borders.  We’re calling upon our friends, on bar and restaurant owners, service industry folk, musicians, artists, educators and librarians to come together for one night and to celebrate the positive aspects of the ever tenuous relationship between Mexico and the United States and to benefit our blossoming art education cooperative consisting of North American women and Mexican girls in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Everyday we are bombarded with images and news that focus on separation and propagate fear. The reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of us, on both sides of the border, from either or both cultures that are strengthening the relationship, developing cultural understanding and acting as agents of change.

On May 5th, we’re hoping our friends around the world will participate in a collective fundraising mission in helping these twelve young women express themselves through art. We’re hoping it’s painless and FUN! Please look over the attached fundraising kit (PDF) for information about this event, who we are as an organization, and the workshops we are in need of funding for.

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Eufrasia Day

Photos by John Doherty

Last Thursday, we celebrated Santa Maria Eufrasia, the founder of Buen Pastor. The girls sang for the madres, the women and children of the shelter, volunteers, and visiting friends. For their last song, they invited the shelter kids to come sing and dance “Father Abraham” with them. It was very sweet to see the two groups facing each other, and the girls of the internado cheering for the children of the alburgue. The girls then mentioned they heard a rumor that the mothers of the shelter can’t dance, and to disprove that rumor, they would have to come up as well.  Of course the little ones cheered their mothers on.  And then Katie, Beca, and I were called up as well.  So we all sang Father Abraham and went along with moving body parts and ensuing silliness.

Singing was followed by dinner. After dinner, each girl was presented with her own book.  Awhile back, Sharon and Yoli hosted a book luncheon where they raised enough money to buy books for all the girls and double our library at Buen Pastor. Then Sharon, John, and I went book shopping in Queretaro where we selected a book for each girl.  Last week, Yoli sewed book bags and when my San Miguel friends arrived on Thursday, we matched books to names. It was incredibly fun to hand out the books, one at a time, to the girls.  They screamed in delight at the announcement of the Twilight Series and Ghostgirl. These books brought out the same, shrill pitched excitement that the Jonas Brothers do.  The little ones were happy to receive more Olivia the Pig. It made my librarian heart sing to see so much enthusiasm over books!

Altogether, I’ll never forget Thursday’s Santa Eufrasia celebration. Besides the joyous reception of books, what made this event so special is that it brought together the family of Buen Pastor… from the amazing women I’ve befriended through the Adobe Youth Voices Project, and people that care, to the Madres, the girls, the women in the shelter and their children, and of course, the San Miguel de Allende contingent. We’re all family joined by the indefatigable and jubilant work of Buen Pastor, and forever spirited by Santa Maria Eufrasia, whose name, by the way, has really grown on me over the past four years.

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Four horsemen of the hills of Mineral de Monte.

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Home alter

On the road home from Santa Rosa.

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