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These are just three of the many free images available in the MEX INK collection at csa images.  The collection is described as Mexican comic book style spicy art created by hand with brush and india ink.  Other collections include:

  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Patterns
  • Diagrams
  • Dingbats
  • Words
  • Borders
  • Ornaments

Certainly qualifies as Jackpot.

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Mariachis giving local singer Luis Beltran a thumb’s up. This painting is gorgeous and very large. The artist, Pablo-Zavala, has created a number of works of local Guanajuatenses which he plans on showing every week on the sidewalk across from the jardin.  He asked me to send him this photo above.

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Madre Angelita told me that they bite.

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Mariana marry me.

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Good clouds

My trip back to the States was excellent in every way. It was the first time I had been back in almost two years.  The best thing was spending time with family.

Since returning, I feel as though I’ve been on a happy cloud. I’m rested and it’s all good.  The other day, as I was nearing my home, I was admiring the mountain and cross I live next to. In this moment, I was washed over with a profound feeling of tranquility and peace.  I stood there in the wind, delighting and basking in that feeling.  I thought to myself, This is where I always want to be  — in this state of mind, everything is alright.  I’ve been using this feeling in reiki sessions, incorporating the mountain as a trigger symbol for tranquility.

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NASA busby

I told Keelin before she leaves San Diego County, she must go back to the San Diego Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park and buy herself this NASA busby. It would be perfect for those Missouri winters… walking to school, sitting in class, and going back home. For washing dishes too.

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