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Up Xico

This path took F and I to the top of Xico (pronounced HE-ko). One of the things I enjoy most about Veracruz is how lush and green it is everywhere. Last week, it would rain for an hour early evenings, and then through most of the night. In the morning, we would wake up to a bright new day.

The 10 minute bus rides between Xico & Coatepec and Coatepec & Xalapa were a tunnel of tropic, with all shades and sizes of green on both sides.

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La Chiquita

Walking around Coatepec.

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Pineapple fountain

Pineapple fountain outside Santa Maria Magdalene Cathedral.

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Cow candy

On our way to see the waterfalls in Xico, F and I walked down a 30 minute path flanked by banana trees. We stopped to talk to a man with a machete hacking at the trunks and collecting the wood. We wanted to know what it was used for. He said it was for the cows. Banana trunk is like cow candy, he said.

Cows in Veracruz must be happy. They live in large green spaces and are the most enormous I’ve ever seen.

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Back home

The past seven days have been wonderful. Fernando and I spent them in Veracruz’s Pueblo Mágico, Coatepec, and neighboring Xico, Xalapa, and Naolinco. Each day, we woke up and excitedly planned an itinerary of exploration.

There is so much to appreciate about this gorgeous, vibrant Country. And although I love Veracruz and her jungles, shoreline, verdancy and amicable people, it’s good to be back home in Guanajuato.

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El Grito

El Grito was great. After counting down to 200 years since the revolution, crowds took to the streets chanting, Viva Mexico! and Guanajuato! In front of Teatro Juarez, a festive group broke out into dance.  There was dancing in the streets everywhere. La Dama was packed and everyone had their salsa on. My favorite point in the evening was when two gorgeous dancers, both male, swept into the main floor from the back room and everyone cleared the floor for them, awarding them a Dancing With the Stars Moment. We cheered them on while they danced beautifully with enormous grins on their faces.

Tomorrow, F and I head off to Coatepec and Xico for a week vacation and to celebrate his birthday.  I love visiting the State of Veracruz and am keeping my fingers crossed that the hurricanes that also love visiting Veracruz don’t visit next week.

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Empty Moyas.

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