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At the park with Gabby and Alejandra.

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I visited Madre Lourdes in this hospital located in Centro, across from the Basilica. She had toe surgery last Wednesday. She told me she could hear the surgeon saw and then hammer the bone, although she couldn’t feel it. Hopefully, she’ll be running around in two weeks.

I had a mammogram at this hospital awhile back. I walked in without an appointment, filled out papers, was x-rayed, and then came back the following day to pick up the x-rays and the results. All this for $700 pesos ($56 USD) makes health care affordable for the uninsured.

Likewise, thanks to the Dr. Simi Foundation, trips to the doctor won’t break the piggy bank. When F was dealing with bronchitis, a trip to a Simi Clinic cost only $20 pesos and medication, under $100 pesos. All of this is out of pocket and affordable. Of course doctors get paid much less here than they do in the States, and it’s a lot easier when everyone doesn’t have to deal with the bureaucracy and high cost of insurance.

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Madre Angelita

I like spending time with her. There’s so many years of stories here, and she shares them with me.

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Lucky numbers

The madres and Tere were busy selling raffle tickets this week. Tomorrow is the draw and so last night, F and I went over to collect stubs and money. Tere called folks to come to Buen Pastor and turn in their tickets. The madres brought me what they had sold to friends, family, and other sisters at conferences this week. Madre Elvira spent over an hour organizing her stubs and then selected lucky numbers to finish sales, calling relatives for their picks. In one week, the madres and Tere raised over $4000 pesos in ticket sales!

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Venezuela Viva

F and I sat entranced for two hours and eleven costume changes last night as we were swept into the vibrant world of Venezuela Viva and astonishingly gorgeous Venezolanas.  These energetic dancers told a story of Venezuelan Independence interpreted via joropo, salsa, tambor, flamenco and ballet folklorico. What a way to tell a story!

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Softball practice. Friday afternoon. Xico, Veracruz.

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Art around every corner

I sound like a broken record… but it’s been a fabulous day. The weather has been delightful, the crowds have been festive, and the art around town is exceptional. Before the sun set, F and I went downtown for the last time today. As we neared the jardin, we heard bagpipes. In the kiosk, were three players dressed in kilts. The jardin was packed with artists, families, tourists, and Guanajuatenses transforming the square into a buzzing fair.

Once on Juarez, there was a guy dressed like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean. You could pay to take your picture with him. And then I heard a mad Moonlight Sonata near the Basílica. Embedded in a crowd, I saw a beautiful man with dark curls sweeping across his face like windshield wipers as he sawed on his violin, enraptured. Out of this bubble, formed another, directly in front of the Basílica. Here a clown had a large gathering as he grand-staged and the crowd laughed. Next, the outdoor restuarants and mariachis, six of them dressed in purple, one of them had a steel drum. There was La Llorana, you could take your picture with her, and a Catrina, and a Silver Man who moved robotic when you dropped a few pesos in his box. It was like being on “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland, where every time you turn the corner or move a little bit, there’s another scene, another song, sensory overload, but in small doses feels exhilarating!

Finally, we ended up in San Fernando Square where I wanted to catch a preview of next Sunday’s show, the dance/theatre/circus act, Les 7 Doigts de la Main of Montreal, Québec. When the first act came on, I couldn’t believe it: acrobatics on aerial silk to the song Temptation by Tom Waits. It was as though I was in an alternate reality of my own making where all my favorite things were in one place.

We walked the callejones back, and caught one more show on the University steps where we caught the micro bus to go back home. Once on the panoramica, I saw two guys on a horse, and I marvelled how all this world class art could exist in a city where folks still ride their horses over the hills to home.

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