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Somehow, I spaced yesterday’s Mole Festival outside the Alhondiga!  It was on my calendar… but after a morning of delivering a basketball, watching people dance in one of the parks to live music, and buying produce at Embajadoras, I forgot.

The photo above was taken in the dining room at Buen Pastor. I was waiting for Madre Lourdes to get off the phone by taking random photos of sun spots, chair legs, and table clothes.

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BP Pattern

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Using spaces intelligently

Once a week, a young couple—he is sitting on the bench, she’s on the curb and they’re both reading to a child—fills a suitcase full of books are rolls it out to the plaza in Mexiamora. They set the books out and children come to read the books, some with their parents. In a Country where wages are low and book prices are high, books are a luxury. Especially children’s books. I think it’s incredibly forward-thinking for this couple to create their own book mobile and dedicate an afternoon every week to give their neighbors the satisfaction of reading and being read to.

The plazas that fill Guanajuato unite neighbors and create friends. Every evening, this one is filled with people sitting and talking, kids playing, and sometimes, impromptu dog parks. Farley has made four friends here, and come to think of it, so have I. How wonderful that these spaces can become homes to portable libraries as well.

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Robbed by HSBC

Saturday, January 29th, I noticed a card withdrawal noted on my HSBC bank statement for earlier that morning. I didn’t make the withdrawal.  Later I learned from the SMA Civil listserv, that many accounts had been hit over that weekend. In many cases, the banks returned the money.

I went to the HSBC the same day I noticed the withdrawal to tell them about it. They had me call a representative in D.F. to file a report.  This took 30+ minutes. I received a new card and PIN and got rid of the old card. HSBC (in GTO) told me the central office would do a 22 day investigation to see if there was some kind of error/theft, and would return the money if it was. If not, I have to pay $300 pesos for the “investigation” .

On the 22nd day, I called to ask about the status of the investigation. They told me they were closing the case and would not be returning my money. They would also charge me $300 pesos for the investigation.  Nobody ever called or emailed me.

This morning, I went to talk to Sonia at HSBC in person. In between calls and working on something else that took her away from her desk, she told me that if I want to file a complaint and/or further try to get the money back, I need to go do so in person at Leon.

I don’t know when I can go to Leon. Everyone passes the buck here; nobody assumes responsibility. You have to wonder how much time you can invest in something when you just don’t believe in the service. Other banks with better customer service have refunded their clients. Sadly, not HSBC.

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Wiry build

A knot of wires located ironically on Callejon de La Luz, or Alleyway of Light.

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There was a mariachi band playing beneath me as I watched the full moon rise up from behind the mountain where I live. I was at Zilch, standing in the window. It was Friday night at the jardin and this space was filled with music and people. I thought that in a couple of hours, I’ll would be walking back to where the moon was right then.

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This is Farley’s new friend, Chicha. Her family rescued her as a puppy from living her life of a roof. She now lives in Berkeley and visits Guanajuato frequently. She outweighs and outsizes Farley significantly, but lets him chase her. It’s fun to watch them play.

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