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Agua Ciel

We go through 4 or 5 of these “garrafones” a week. Every weekday, the water guy makes his rounds to our colonia. Farley and I recognize the sound of his truck. When he stops by our home, we bring him our empty garrafones and he carries up the filled ones.

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I love Guanajuato mornings. The entire day begins blossoming in the morning. The sounds are especially vibrant: roosters announcing the sunrise like a thousand tiny dinosaurs, the gas men walking the callejones crowing gaaaaass, and the sound of brooms scratching sidewalks. Those are the sounds of morning.

The smells are pretty enticing as well. In Cerro de Gallo, it always smells like sweet bread and bacon. In Baratillo, the gordita lady sets up and it smells like fire and dough.

The photo above was taken less than an hour ago on Truco, and this one below, a few minutes afterwards. The water man was delivering garrafones of Agua Ciel as the sun began to spill down the walls, making its way to the street which it will completely cover in a few hours.

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Easter wow

Having seriously overestimated the amount of paint needed for this year’s Easter eggs, Vero asked some of the neighborhood kids to use it on her exteriors.

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It’s better outside

Three kids ran around a fountain in Embajadoras while the fourth manipulated a stream of water to spray them. I watched while licking a piña colada ice cream cone from a nearby park bench.

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Papayito’s new home

Yesterday, I went to San Miguel to say goodbye to Sharon and John who will be returning to Vancouver next week until the Fall. While I was there, Fernando received a call from a 13 year old girl who had seen Papayito’s flyer in the jardin. She wanted to know if he was still available and if so, if Fernando could bring Papayito over for a visit to her home in Marfil. Fernando said yes, Papayito was still looking for a home and he would come over.

So Fernando took the bus to Marfil with the puppy. When he arrived at the home, the girl and her father were outside waiting and gave them a warm greeting. The father, around 40, invited Fernando to see their home. It was palatial: full of outdoor spaces, trees, plants, rolling landscapes, workshop areas, and birds. As Papayito ran around with the two boys, around 9 and 10 years old, the father took Fernando on a tour. The eldest son kept birds with his father. There were ornate cages with all kinds of magnificent birds. The father told Fernando that animals are attracted to the property and they often find snakes and frogs in their yard. The family cares deeply for animals, especially dogs. Recently, a stray pregnant dog had given birth on their property, and the family placed the dog and her puppies with neighbors. One of the puppies had wiggled his way from next door and was roaming the property during the tour.  Fernando said he looked like a chubby fur ball.

The mother was watering plants and graciously greeted Fernando and Papayito. A chihuahua lives in the house proper, her companion, and a friendly Rotweiller guards the front section of the property and workshops. Papayito will go back and forth between the house and property.  I’m not sure if he’ll have a job other than to be perfectly happy in a loving home filled with four children, their parents, and animals.

We miss Papayito but someone once said:  “Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong—sometimes it’s letting go.”  That is certainly true in this case. It’s hard to believe that it was only last Saturday, he was struggling to stay alive, starving and weighed down by fleas, alone on a dirt road far away from everything. Now, he’ll be frolicking on rolling hills with a neighborhood puppy, following a Rotweiller on his rounds, waiting for scraps with a Chihuahua, chasing boys, being showered with love by a sweet girl, and part of a pretty awesome family.

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Hola, me llamo Papayito!

We’re calling him “Papayito” because his head is shaped like a papaya.

After work yesterday, I took a few photos of the new puppy and created a flyer. Papayito isn’t going to find a home on his own (like Farley did), so yesterday afternoon, the four of us took to the streets and posted the flyer from Cafe Tal all the way to Can-Cat Vet on Alhóndiga.

The longer he’s with us, the more attached we’re getting. The difference in playfulness and energy in just a few days is incredible.  He’s learning from Farley (house trained in one day) and follows on a leash now. This little guy is doing everything he can to impress us and stay!

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