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Today I fly MEX ✈ IQT and return IQT ✈ MEX July 12th.

El Sur Experiment will be back on the 13th.

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It’s the driest “rainy season” I can remember in the past six years. Last month’s water bill was five times the usual rate. When it is so dry, air passes with the water in the tubes and registers in the meter as water. People have to pay—there is no negotiation with the water company—unless they’ve attached a “bomba” to the meter which catalogues the air. Of course the water company doesn’t tell people they can do this. Like many things in Mexico, you learn from neighbors. The bomba is there now, calculating air and water.

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Sites & Scenes

I work remotely and Skype my colleagues throughout the day as the work is collaborative. This weekend, they’ve all come to Guanajuato for a visit. I’m going to take the ladies on a long, meandering tour this morning and hope that it doesn’t rain on us. Sprinkles are ok.

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Plaza del Carmen, San Luis Potosi

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Casa de Cultura

While in San Luis Potosi, Fernando and I went to the Casa de Cultura. This statue sits outside of the entry. At the time, the museum had a special exhibition for the blind. The attendant asked if we would like to participate. I said yes; Fernando passed. She tied a blindfold around my head and led me from piece to piece, guiding my fingers to one object and then another. I would then try to guess what the object was… for instance, there was a seahorse (I guessed that one), and the Big Bang, which I thought was something else. After awhile, usually when I gave up, she would guide my fingers across the braille descriptor and read aloud as my fingers passed over the words, letting me know what I had been touching. It was a lovely experience.

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They worked for each other’s competition. They were rivals. Yet, they stood across the street from one another and were in each other’s view the entire day. She averted her eyes. He tried not to stare. But there was a strong connection before the two. The chemistry was almost painful. She couldn’t stop thinking about him and her thoughts began to take corporeal forms. He believed she was everything he dreamed about in a woman, at least physically. The forbidden fruit aspect made the scenes in his head all the more delicious.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! In your honor, I bring you an image from San Luis Potosi. This is a bronze sculpture entitled Monument to the Father located in the beautiful Plaza del Carmen. The quote is taken from a plaque next to the piece.

Solo un padre es poseedor del arte necesario para inspirar en sus hijos el respeto, el amor, y al amistad al mismo tiempo.

Only a father possesses the necessary art of being able to inspire in their children respect, love, and friendship at the same time.

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