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Her eyes observed those things surrounding her: yesterday’s designs and coagulated thought-forms bordered by limitation of the past. She didn’t believe her eyes. Instead, she turned her focus inward, to the place of creativity and boundless inspiration. This is where something was waiting to emerge. She would raise her intention to allow it to manifest through her.

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Clave Azul

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An Extraordinary Traveller

It’s human nature to avoid the emotional roadblocks that pepper the path to spiritual maturity, to seek instead the slow and steady pace of the ordinary traveller. Yet reaching higher spiritual ground requires an extraordinary traveller. It demands the kind of sea change that arrives at key junctures and can transport you to a higher level of spiritual functioning. A spiritual initiation—an exceptionally difficult life passage that shakes your foundations and makes you question your purpose—is just this sort of sea change. It’s an opportunity disguised as loss; a chance to strengthen the thread of awareness that connects the outer part of your being to the inner, to descend deeper into the soul.

. . . A spiritual initiation refines and reshapes you, allowing you to reinvent yourself completely, to give yourself over to something greater. They are windows through which you can glimpse who you really are and what’s possible for you.

An excerpt from a longer article in Yoga Journal by Bo Forbes entitled The Awakening. Read a longer excerpt here.

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More beauty

I noticed this beautiful burst of color and life today at Clave Azul. She brightened the hole in the wall she grew in front of, using the black maw behind her as a backdrop to magnify her incandescence.

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Marly and her good friend Andrew are visiting for a week. I’m looking forward to showing Andrew all the sights and sounds of Guanajuato as it’s his first time here. And I’m ecstatic to have Marly around again! What’s it been… a month?

Just remembered: it’s Fernando’s birthday!!! This time last year, we were traversing the slippery sidewalks of Naolinco.

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Bigger things

Julia closed her eyes and let the midday sun fall on her face as she took in a deep breath, held it for five seconds, and then let it go. How did she end up here? The conformity was killing her. She might look like just another orange chair in a room of orange chairs, but she knew, as certain as she had four silver legs, that she was meant for bigger things.

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Fast food

Dried fish and lime.

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