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Look deep

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

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Lydia had inherited set-points in trust, beauty, creativity, compassion and all those things humans are capable of. They were passed on to her in her DNA. Her early life experiences, and the ones she had afterwards, had calcified these set points so that the coagulation of the past manifested itself into her present, not unlike a giant scar. She was held hostage by her fate, her wings pinned back, allowing her to fit in the cage of her low expectations.

One day, she woke up to her own power. She realized she could shape her destiny by re-calibrating her set-points currently fixed at mediocrity. Thus far, she had only given herself permission to move through the world with conventional dullness. But when she understood she was infused with the divine, well, her potential was limitless.

Lydia began to reexamine her set-points. She considered the ways they held her back. She envisioned one area in her life in particular that she wanted to change, and began with the set-point that held her back in that area: trust. She began thinking, acting, moving, living, breathing and believing in such a manner that every cell that constituted Lydia behaved as if it held more trust in the world. She could feel her set-point of trust re-calibrating as she managed her destiny.  The road would graciously rise up to meet her feet as she moved through a new world.

Destiny or Fate, Your Choice, or Not. The message begins at 43:33

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Scuba Taggers

Morning scuba divers at Media Luna

Last night, these divers went under the covers of my blog looking for all the story posts. When they found one, they tagged it with “Vignette”. Thanks, guys!

Then I placed a Vignette widget over there in the right margin so all those posts are accessible with one click.  I hope to add more stories soon, and want to thank Karen and Marly for being so sweet and supportive.  Your comments were fun to re-read.

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You can see the bridge from yesterday’s photo in the background. Water canals like this one lined and defined the camping ground sections. Basically, folks set up camp, eat, swim, gather ’round the campfire and sleep. Simple.

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This walkway led to a clear lagoon. People pitched tents and hammocks on either side. There was also camping available along the canals. All the camping areas were nestled within a grove of trees and lined with water at their perimeter. There were no reservations or site numbers. You pitched a tent or strung a hammock wherever there was space for one.

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That day

That day, we got up and headed straight to the water. We swam all morning.

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After everyone had left and the water was still, Fernando and I walked around the canals and watched the turtles lumber along the waterway floor.

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