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Tue Feb 1, 2011 11:19 am (PST)

I LOVED boarding my dog with P. He gave me total peace of mind about my ‘baby’… and it is worth noting that L, my very energetic and very bonded-to-me standard poodle was never cringey or miserable when I left her with him.

P really ‘gets’ dogginess. He doesn’t put them all in kennels with only occasional outings; rather, he has them as guests in his home, which he divvies-up with baby-gates in order to accommodate the various compatibilities and dynamics between whatever dogs he has at the time. He walks them several times a day. He is constantly observing the dynamics in the group and adjusting. If I emailed him while away he would answer with specific updates on behavioural or health issues. His rates are extremely reasonable. When my dog died (young–it was a terrible shock) he brought me flowers and then when I ran into him in Mega a dissolved, he gave me the most beautiful understanding hug whilst I sniveled and smeared mascara on his sweater. I have huge respect and appreciation for him, and would recommend him without hesitation.

I don’t know why I find this post so amusing, especially since I would love to board Farley with “P” should I ever need to. I wonder what doggie dynamics and baby-gate compatibility Farley would require?  He is past the “humping everything” stage.

The photo above is me taking a giant bite from what Marly and I called “bowling nachos”.  They were so bad. And we were so hungry.

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I spent Friday in San Miguel, visiting Sharon at the first Charity Golf Tournament where her husband John did a tremendous amount of work. Afterwards, I headed over to F’s house and had a nice conversation with his mother.  She and Tia Juanita were watching their telenovela. This was the 4th incarnation of this particular telenovela. F’s mom told me about when she first heard the telenovela.  She was a girl of ten making tortillas for dinner.  Back then, it took two hours to make tortillas, and everyone would listen to this “novela” on the radio. She told me the radio transported everyone in those days, far away from hand-washing and cooking into the vibrant worlds they would create in their heads.

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Rescuing Monica

Another shoot for the 2011 Bombero’s calendar was rescuing this pretty lady. Monica was such a good sport. She arrived at the shoot not knowing what was in store for her. She had no idea she would be hoisted and posed with the handsome volunteer firemen of San Miguel.

César was also a good sport. Even though he was a bit hung-over (if we are to believe his bombero buddies), and not entirely fond of the camera, he still managed to statically hold and pose Monica in the hot bright sun that filled the space between sessions of rain.

César engages his biceps and  h o l d s .

Holly captures the moment.

César takes a break and Holly instructs Monica on arm positioning.

Monica positions her arms.  César endures.

Holly shares the photos with the guys.

Look to the left.

At me.

Now to the right.

Holly and Monica like what they see.

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Los Bomberos

I had a wonderful opportunity today to spend some time on a Fireman’s photo shoot. Charismatic, energetic, and professional photographer,  Holly Wilmeth, agreed to not only photograph the images for a 2011 fundraising calendar for the volunteer firemen of San Miguel de Allende, but she also allowed assistants like me to share in the fun.

In this scene, the firemen are instructed to blow a kiss and sustain it.  So one by one, they came forward to pucker up. You can imagine the playfulness and “encouragement” they received from their partners. In the last two photos, El Capitan does a great job and Holly lets everyone know that’s the example to follow.

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Vía Organica

When I went to buy hummus on Sunday, Vía Organica was closed.

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Fin de semana

Spent a wonderful weekend in San Miguel catching up with friends and showing Beca my favorite places. We avoided the rain in Guanajuato by returning late last night.

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